Wireless data transfer by light

The bright contribution to connect the world

LiFi (Light Fidelity) and VLC (Visual Light Communication) technology is about to change the world of connectivity.


Using light as a medium for high speed wireless data transmission helps to overcome the drawbacks of conventional, radio frequency based data transmission (WiFi).

LiFi offers more bandwidth, higher data transfer rates, increased data security and drastically reduced electrosmog.

Let us help you to take the step into the future of wireless communication – aeroLiFi offers solutions and systems customized to your needs. Many industry fields can benefit from LiFi technology. We are focused on aerospace, but already identified many applications in logistics & production, transport, medical and heavy industry.

Partnering with pureLiFi Ltd., a pioneer and leading LiFi technology provider, aeroLiFi has constant access to the latest cutting edge LiFi technology components to develop high performance communication applications.

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